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Why SY Diamond and our guarantee

***Latest update***

n 2013, SY Diamond has helped more than 200 customers to purchase diamond rings, pendant or earrings!

We are so thankful for all the trust and support our customers have on us. Our sales record also embarked the excellent services and products we presented to our every customer.

We wish that you could share with us your purchase experience via any channel including email / phone, which allow us to share your joys & also encourage us to work even harder to provide the best possible service and diamond to all our customer!

About us

Welcome to SY Diamond , the online diamond shop.

SY Diamond is a company focusing on providing good quality diamonds at reasonable prices. No matter you are searching for a fantastic diamond ring for your wedding proposal, or you want to find a beautiful diamond necklace for your beloved mom, we would provide various diamond choices and knowledge on how to choose the best one out of your budget.

Because of our operation structure, the diamond prices we offered are significantly lower than what you can find outside. As a result, we have helped many customers to save a lot of money. We believe, for the money saved, you can have a better budget for your wedding plan, or even treat your family for a trip outside the city.

Why buy diamonds from SY DIAMOND?


Comparing to traditional and chain jewelry retail stores, the prices we offered are approximately 30-40% cheaper for several good reasons. First, we obtain diamonds directly from wholesalers. Moreover, our advertising budget is maintained at the lowest possible level, and we reach our customers based on the word of mouth of past satisfied customers. Also, we do not need to bear heavy rental and staff salary cost. To conclude, our lowest cost structure provided the basis for us to offer the lowest diamond prices to our customers.

Actually, for GIA or IGI diamonds, it makes no difference where you purchase them from, instead, the assessment from professional bodies like GIA or IGI are the deciding factor. Diamond values are determined by the certificate assessment instead of the places they are being sold.

Our professional knowledge and experience

We believe the more information you obtain, a better purchase option could be made, especially a diamond is quite expensive. That’s why we insist to meet each customer to give them more information and let customer examine on the diamonds they choose, before they make their purchase decisions.

Our staff member has been working in the jewelry industry for many years, and we will offer our best expertise and knowledge throughout your purchase process.

Independent meeting room

Customer may not want others to watch them buying their diamond; and customer may also want to keep their proposal plan and buying of proposal ring totally secret, with no one else to know. We sure understand the privacy need to all customers, so, we will meet every one of our customer in our independent meeting room, providing the best and comfortable diamond choosing experience.

Professional equipment is placed inside the meeting room, diamond certificate numbers could be shown to customer clearly, adding creditability to our products.

One-stop service

After choosing the diamond, we can provide all the related services including getting your preferred ring and set your diamond in it. You do not have to place your diamond elsewhere, eliminating any risks; you also do not need to spend time on any other related matters, we will take care of them for you, you can just focus on your plan to present the gift to your loved ones.

Our Guarantee

To ensure you make purchase from us with 100% confidence, we guaranteed you the following:

  • ALL diamonds we offered are REAL NATURAL diamonds verified by renowned professional organizations, including GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and IGI (International Gemological Institute).
  • Full payment will be needed only after you see the complete product with your whole satisfaction.
  • We are a company incorporated in Hong Kong and subject to all the relevant laws and regulations. We guaranteed all our services and products are up to the very best standards, if however, in case of any disputes or unsatisfactory with us, you can always go to the Consumer Council or the Hong Kong Police.
  • If you have any queries after purchase, you can always contact us again by presenting your invoice ID, we will provide the very best after-sale services.